Every project begs questions that straddle the fence between “pragmatism” and “wish list.” How much is too much? Which compromises on cost undercut the quality of the end result?

From my experience, the answer is in balanced and well planned project design and management. The research done as a customer to hone down personal taste preferences is vital to the overall success of a project. Even the greatest design elements are going to fall short if they miss the customer’s desire. There are resources online that you as the customer can take advantage of when you’re sorting out what you want to see in your completed project – a great starting point is a community called “Houzz.” This site in particular is useful because it not only gives you images to show your team, it also can help connect you with professionals like myself. Our page is still growing with us, but you can check out our profile on Houzz by clicking HERE.

Pinterest is another resource that’s more well known. A search for “staircase” or “kitchen bar” on Pinterest will bring back a plethora of options in various styles to fit anyone’s taste, no matter how particular. We’re still growing our presence on Pinterest too, but you can follow us HERE!

That’s not the only component necessary for a successful project. I find that my customers work as partners – bringing to the table their personal taste mentioned above, and the results of their research. It’s my job to harness that into a rational structured plan. A project must compliment the style of home it is going into, while bringing in what the customer has chosen for their space. Planning to execute that combination effectively means coordinating not only with the customer, but also with other professionals with various specialties and areas of expertise.

Along with this, budget must be established early to safeguard all parties and be spelled out clearly. At the end of a business transaction, I want to part knowing my best was done and my customer will be an enthusiastic referral. Win, Win.

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