I recently found myself in a discussion with a potential customer, which I found very revealing. She told me that she was considering a bid on the project from a “big” contractor. “They have in house people who do everything from a-z,” she told me. Two workers to do carpentry, electrical, drywall, painting, and flooring. My competition explained that they “don’t use sub-contractors.”

I’ve spent many years working on high end custom homes from $800,000 to 5.4 million. Not a single builder used in-house “jack of all trade” guys to build their homes. They hired specialists in their field to create a superior product, all sub-contractors. I have the same approach. If I am working in someone’s home, I want to bring in a dedicated tradesman, steeped in his trade, who loves what he does for each and every facet of a project.

If one doctor could do it all, no specialist would be required or desired. Renovation is the same. My job as general contractor is to assemble and manage a team of professionals. Most of whom I have worked with many years. Ask yourself, what is the bottom line? Always the answer is the best final result for the money invested into any project.

Choose wisely.