Through the course of life, one imagines the path that they will be carried on. Paths of academic pursuit, or entrepreneurial glory ending in fantastic wealth. Then there is the course that was written into the lineage of your ancestors.

As a very young man, I was impressed with the stories of my forefathers’ carpentry skill. People spoke with a sense of respect when they spoke about them. Their words gave one the impression that their skills carried honor. I wish I could sit down and speak long into the night with Grandfather John, Andres, and Gale Sr.

Just as I know the seed from the tree that yielded its wood for my craft will grow the sapling that will stand long after I’m gone, long after the busy hands of the carpenter are stilled, the stairs he built will bear generations of people. Items of utility and beauty that will stand as a testament to the skill of the maker.

That is the legacy I have come to embrace. This craft has a learning curve that exceeds the human lifespan. I plan on learning to the end.

Until next time,

Mark Maury

John Maurer | 1840-1905

Andrew Maury | Circa 1945

Gale Maury | 1904-1976