Mark Maury, Master Carpenter

In 1977 I began framing houses in the summer, and decided to follow the footsteps of my grandfather and great grandfather. Over the next 40 years, my skills grew and refined. I still do what I love and plan on doing so long into the future. Today I enjoy building cabinets and stairs, built-ins and all types of custom work combined with remodeling. My priority is to provide each of my customers with superior craftsmanship and lasting value in every project. Your design or mine, I love to use my experience to steer the decision making in a positive direction, that leads to an end result that works for you.

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The Importance of PLANNING

Every project begs questions that straddle the fence between “pragmatism” and “wish list.” How much is too much? Which compromises on cost undercut the quality of the end result? From my experience, the answer is in balanced and well planned project design...

Choosing your Professionals

I recently found myself in a discussion with a potential customer, which I found very revealing. She told me that she was considering a bid on the project from a “big” contractor. “They have in house people who do everything from a-z,” she told me. Two...

Becoming Woodmaster

Through the course of life, one imagines the path that they will be carried on. Paths of academic pursuit, or entrepreneurial glory ending in fantastic wealth. Then there is the course that was written into the lineage of your ancestors. As a very young man, I was...

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